Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sketch #1

Here is a sketch of something that might be in my novel. I can't draw people or wings so this is how it turned out. Yes, I'm aware she doesn't have hands. Hands are my enemy but I did try to draw them. Her hair is orange...the color changed a bit after taking a picture and editing it. I don't really mind it though. The concept of what I was trying to draw is there, so I'm happy.

To color the sketch, I used watercolor paint. I always paint my sketches because my sketch turn out better when I do. I'm much better at painting than drawing. Hopefully with practice I'll get better.

Other than the sketch, I've been working on possible endings. This is how I usually plan my novel. I have the beginning that starts the plot and then I figure out a possible ending. The one I want is a bit dark but it would work really well for what I have planned latter in the novel. Yes, I have an idea for the middle of my novel too but those ideas are very loose. All of my ideas are loose but I'm trying to nail down a few. The beginning for sure needs to stay - at least the concept of the beginning needs to stay. I've got a few characters that might play a role but I'm uncertain.

What I really need to get cracking on is my setting. That's going to be my issue. I can't jump into the novel not knowing something about the world so I have to start building that. Or at least some key things about it. In other words, I've still have a lot to do.

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