Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's just a month away

National Novel Writing Month is coming up quickly. I'm still preparing for it though I haven't really been doing much on here. I'm still looking for a job as well. I've got one possible ending picked out  and I have the beginning...sort of. It's still a little uncertain. I've decided to let that part play out itself. There are some events in the middle that are a bit iffy. I'm going to sort through those soon to figure out what I need. I'm not too worried about getting everything ready for the month. I have my jar of writing prompts and some other things that can help me along. I've always been better at winging a good portion of my novel.

As long as I get the basic plot down, I'm good. And I've got the basic plot. I did most of my world building. Really, there isn't much left to do...for this novel at least.

I've decided to try to reach a goal of 300,000 words this year. I believe that was my goal last year but I failed after I finished my first novel.  The two novels I have picked out are both part of a series...but aren't the same series. One is a little more sci-fi while the other is completely fantasy. The three genres I'm going to work at are:

Cyberpunk - First attempt to see if I like it.
Science Fiction (Not Heavily) - Post apocalyptic - no dystopian/utopian societies. It may seem more like a fantasy and can easily be changed to fantasy with a little tweeking. It might change later. Then all of my reasearch and notes will be wasted. 
Fantasy - these novel I've been working on for the last nearly 7 years. I've been fine tuning them and now I have everything I need to create these novels.

I probably won't start a new novel until I finish one.


  1. Sounds like you're well-prepared! I haven't decided if I'll be able to participate or not, but I really want to. :)

    1. In my own way, I guess I am prepared. I hope you are able to participate but if you can't this year, then there is always next year...or Camp NaNo.