Sunday, October 14, 2012

Finally doing my mindmap

Yeah, the title says it all. I'm finally doing my mind map and I have to say, it's harder when I do my storyboard first. I really can't let my muse have fun with it because I already figured out my novel. I did find out some interesting things about my MC's family. So, I guess that's good. It kind of explains a lot with my MC's "upbringing" and the state of the government.

I'm learning a bit about Austin as well. But, it's hard. It doen't help that my poster board is huge. I can't write on it very well but I'm going to try to finish this by tomorrow before I put it up on my wall and start working on my second novel. This time I'll start with my mind map and then work my way to the storyboard. I also have a playlist on my iPod that I need to transfer to my desktop sometimes before November. At least I have time.

I hope everyone's plotting is going well...for those who are planners.


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