Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tanghin - Quick Cover

Here is my quick cover for my novel Tanghin that I'm going to write this year. It's just a temporary cover that I threw together. It doesn't look half bad but I know I can do better. Though, I do like the simplicity of the cover. I think the cover has a lot of elements to the novel too.

Tanghin is a poison, if you are wondering. I was reading about it in my book of poisons and decided that this one was a good one to use.

This book is a rewrite of something I wrote back in 2010 for NaNoWriMo. It is not really a's part of a group of novels that are loosely connected. I mean, extremely loose. If someone has the set of them he or she will be able to read them in any order.

I liked the first draft of this novel but the plot was thin and I knew I could make it better so I'm going to rewrite it. I had made so many changes from the first draft to now that a rewrite would only make sense.

Now a little about Tanghin

Genre: Fantasy/Mystery
Word Goal: 100,000 words
Synopsis: Give me time to write this. I get really nervous about these things.

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