Monday, August 20, 2012

Music, anyone?

Music. I can listen to my iPod all day if I could and I've done it before. When I'm trying to work something out in my head, I listen to my music. I'm one of those people who can read and listen to music at the same time. I can always remember what I was reading when I listen to an album.

I love The Hush Sound. They will always be one of my favorite bands (Linkin Park will always be my all time favorite band).

And because for some reason, I have to listen to Spinnerette after I listen to Steel Train. I have no idea why.

I could continue but for the sake of some internet speeds, I'll stop at three songs.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Keeping a Journal

I know several people who keep a journal, and they all do it for different reasons. One of my friends does it because her therapist told her it would help her cope with her issues and it will keep her from harming herself. Another friend does it because she wants to remember every freaking moment of her life. There isn't anything wrong with that. It's can she find all this stuff to write about when we live in such a small town where nothing happens?...She probably gets out more than I do.

Just recently, I started keeping a journal. I find it rather...helpful. I stress out about a lot of things and writing in a journal helps me pull myself together. Journaling helps me vent and helps me relax. Since I started this journal writing, I've been able to sleep better.

Another thin I realized is that I've been able to write easier. That writer's block that I battled for so long is no longer an issue. So, I've decided to keep up with my journal. I don't writing about anything in particular, just whatever comes to my head. Trust me, a lot of weird things come to my head. 

For my journal, I like to use a blank Moleskine or something similar to it. I don't just write in my journal, I sketch or doodle. By using a journal with no lines, I don't feel so restricted. Of course, if there is something really big on my mind I like to type it out so that way I can keep up with my thoughts when writing it down.

I kind of wish I had thought of this before now.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stuck in my Head

I have this stuck in my head. It's a silly song by the Barenaked Ladies that is quickly becoming one of my favorites because of how odd it is. This is a song a certain friend of mine would come up with if she wanted to but I won't encourage her.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's Coming Along

I haven't been slacking on my writing. In fact, it's been the opposite. I've been writing and outlining. Yeah, I decided to outline. I wrote part of my first chapter which helped me figure out how the rest of it might play out. I say might because my writing likes to change directions. There won't be romance, at least not hard core romance. Maybe a little something in the background but I don't like to base my novels on romance. I'm such an amateur at it and my relationships were pretty bad. Lots of cheating from partners. Currently not interested.

That's not the point of this post. I just got side-tracked by my shitty love life. So, yeah, got the basics down. I started the first chapter. Now I'm going through How to Think Sideways (HTTS) by Holly Lisle (a writing course). Buying the course a year ago was probably the best thing I've done in years. Because of this course I manged to come up with an awesome novel for Nanowrimo. Seriously, I loved my novel from last year. I didn't even have to use a sex scene for filler which is a first in a long time. When I finally edit it, it will be even better.

I'm not saying that HTTS is for everyone because I know it's not but it's something to try.

Anyway, I'm going through HTTS again. I'm on lesson two and decided to make a new "Sweet Spot" map. Weird shit appeared on that thing and I'm still wondering how it ended up where it did but I'll get over it soon.

For my, currently, untitled novel, I'm still deciding on first or third person for point of view. I'm going to try a little of both to see what I like. Right now, my MC is very cynical. Of course, I would be cynical in her situation too. That will change later in the story. She won't always be like that.

So, anyway, I'm getting into my writing. That pretty much sums up the whole post.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Day of Brainstorming

My brainstorming processes is a bit odd, I admit. I'm happy that Liquid Story Binder has a journal function or else I would have to use a word doc or something like that.

So, first thing I did...

I picked words that were rather random to me.
  1. Unknown (Unseen) - two technically but I added the other.
  2. Security
  3. Birdcages
  4. Mysteries
With those words, I began to build my plot. How I do this is strange to me. I practically have a conversation with myself and ask myself questions. I started with unknown/unseen. The first thing I came up with was fear. Fear of whom or what? Eventually, it connected with security, birdcages, and mysteries. In the end, I decided that my novel is going to be a Cyberpunk novel.

I've never written Cyberpunk before. I've read Cyberpunk. I've watched Cyberpunk-like movies but I've never written it before. So this is new for me. I've done some research on it before but I'll still have to look things up here and there as I write.

Yeah, it's going to be a pain in the ass writing a new genre while overcoming writer's block but I think this will be fun. Maybe I'll do some art along with it. That's a maybe, it isn't for certain. I'm afraid that once I start on the artwork, it will take over the writing...I'll just stick with the writing. Between the first draft and the second draft is when I'll start the artwork.

Starting Over

I just deleted every post in my blog. I kept staring at my older posts wondering how in the hell did I mange to get inspiration. Let me be honest, I was hoping that I could get my inspiration back. Unfortunately, it didn't help. I mange to spit out one chapter of several ideas before it falls flat. I'm having a really hard time concentrating on anything right now.

So, I'm starting from scratch. A new clean slate. A new idea that I'm going to push myself to finish. Writer's Block is starting to annoy me. I'm just going to wing it as I go. Normally, I like to plot things out but lately, plotting is as far as I go. I can look at everything I have and NOTHING will come out. Maybe it's just laziness - who knows?

I was going to begin my process of writing right now...but then I saw the time. No wonder why I'm all scattered. So tomorrow I'll be working on my new novel and I will get more than one chapter done. Hell, I'm going to finish the damn novel. Every step I take will be posted in this blog so I can encourage myself to continue.

I'll be up bright and early. It's the best time to write for me.

Until then.