Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Starting Over

I just deleted every post in my blog. I kept staring at my older posts wondering how in the hell did I mange to get inspiration. Let me be honest, I was hoping that I could get my inspiration back. Unfortunately, it didn't help. I mange to spit out one chapter of several ideas before it falls flat. I'm having a really hard time concentrating on anything right now.

So, I'm starting from scratch. A new clean slate. A new idea that I'm going to push myself to finish. Writer's Block is starting to annoy me. I'm just going to wing it as I go. Normally, I like to plot things out but lately, plotting is as far as I go. I can look at everything I have and NOTHING will come out. Maybe it's just laziness - who knows?

I was going to begin my process of writing right now...but then I saw the time. No wonder why I'm all scattered. So tomorrow I'll be working on my new novel and I will get more than one chapter done. Hell, I'm going to finish the damn novel. Every step I take will be posted in this blog so I can encourage myself to continue.

I'll be up bright and early. It's the best time to write for me.

Until then.

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