Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Finish Line

I won't lie, I only managed 50k this year. I just wasn't into my novel and writing 50k was hard for me. Nothing like last year when I hit 50k within the first week. I'm a bit disappointed in myself but I'm going to try to write regularly again. This last year, I stopped writing. It was mostly stress that stopped me but I won't let that happen again.

Right now, I'm going to start working on the second novel I have planned, Tanghin. I will take my time with it and hopefully have it finished by the end of December so it can be ready for the first edit. Nested will be something I tuck away for another day. I'm going to have to do some serious rewriting of that novel in order for me to like it. Though there are some parts that I'm willing to keep. One of them being the little twist that happened during the story. I think that it made my plot stronger and turned it more into a mystery than anything else.

I will definitely try to keep up with this blog while I write. Give updates and comment on other people's posts. I've been awful at that recently. I will also being doing a better job at keeping my writing journal updated.


  1. 50,000 words is still awesome—more than awesome! Congrats!

    Good luck on the second book.