Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Day of Writing

Since I'm so far behind on my writing, I'm spending all day writing today. I'm updating my twitter ever hour as well. It's not really excited but it's motivation for me. I can use all the motivation I can get.

In the last week, I've fallen behind. I've also been very busy. I have a lot of words to catch up on. I'm only at 28k as I write this. It's my five minute break right now. I give it to myself after ever 2000 words. If I wrote straight through an hour, I could probably write 3k but I need to break sometime, right?

So yes, I'm writing all day. I started at 8:30am. And I'm finally on my desk top. It makes a huge different in my writing performance, I think. I mean, I feel like I'm more focused.

Except right now.

I'd better get back to writing.

Have a good day!

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