Thursday, January 31, 2013

Writing Update #3 - January Wrap Up

January Goals

  • Word Count Goal: 70,302/85,000 
  • Finished 1st drafts: 0/1 
  • Books Read: 6/3 
  • Blog Posts (Every Friday): 4/4 
 I managed to finish half of my goals this month. I didn't know whether or not I could finish a first draft because this novel is so heavy in plot but I'm happy to say that I'm half way through Sea Foam. I'll continue to write it slowly but I think there are some things that I need to go back and fix before I move on. I know exactly where it started to go wrong so if I fix that and a few other minor things, I'll able to finish it soon.

I'm not disappointed that I'm 15k behind. In fact, I'm rather proud of myself for reaching 70k. That's the most I've written in a year. Yes, it's sad, I haven't been writing much. My muse likes to hide from me a few times during the year and I'm too damn lazy to try to find it. Not anymore. I've decided that I'm going to try to make writing a regular thing, even after long work hour. It doesn't matter how much I write, I just want to write something. I do have a story I started on my cell phone that I write while I'm working. Nap times are perfect for that. I have no idea how many words I have from that but I'll transfer it to my computer when I'm finished with it.

So, back to January. It was a good month. I'm breaking out of my shell a little more and starting to comment on people's posts. Slowly, I'll have a little more confidence in replying. Is it sad that I have a hard time posting a reply? I think it is. That's why I'm working on it.

As far as reading goes, I think I've read enough books for both January and February. I didn't mean to go over my goal (which is completely okay) but I just was in the mood for some reading. I wanted something light and funny to take my mind off the pressure I found myself in earlier this month.

I've been pretty good about posting on my blog regularly. I wrote more than 4 posts this month, this post will be the 6th one but I just wanted to post regularly so I wouldn't abandon this blog like I did last year. Trust me, I'm going to try to keep this up.

Overall, January was a pretty good month. I hope this means that I will go back to writing 100k novels within a month but I'm not going to get my hopes up. Things happen. I'll just go with it for now.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting my February Goals and start my newest novel. Those progress meters on the left side of the blog will probably become a long list of my projects. I'll try not to start anything new...but we know that might never happen.

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