Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Going About It Wrong

I was having issues with my novel this week, which isn't surprising at all. This novel has been giving my a hard time for awhile. I have a feeling that perfectionism is part of my problem but my other big problem was that I was focusing on the wrong side of the story. I focused on the poison when I should have been focusing on the other minor detail that I knew was a fairly big part of the novel.

After staring at a blank screen for an hour, I decided to write down my thoughts on my novel. This is part of my journaling that I do on occasion except...a lot less organized. I type out everything that should happen in the novel and somethings I want to happen in the novel until my muse starts to take over. I have a 6 page document on everything that had gone through my head.

Now, writing isn't such a struggle but I'm going to hold off on writing my novel until January rolls around. I'm going to be doing some planning instead.

Oh and the novel name changed to Sea Foam. It might change again but I can see it staying that way. Now I just need to change my cover art.

This song is probably my favorite by fun. I like a lot of their songs but this one is the one that sold me and the best part was free on Amazon. Notice my pattern with music? Usually, it's free. I'm so cheap.

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